About the Founder Manlio Corradi.

Manlio was born and raise in Caracas, Venezuela.  He started his music studies (piano) at the age of seven, fallowing his mother piano studies. As a teenager he played the bass for a little wile, until he founded out that his real passion was the drum set, which he studied for many years, along side with afro caribbean and latin music. After graduated from high school, he signed up to the TAS to became a sound engineer in a intensive three years program. On the first semester he got his first job in theater as a sound tech assistance. Manlio worked as a freelancer sound engineer for ten solid years, creating a name for himself in the sound engineering scene of Caracas.  He worked with Yamaha international of Venezuela doing sound and assisting clinics with many of the best musicians in the world, as well as with the latest sound equipments of Yamaha. He also designed and build the acoustic design of three recording studios.

While he was a sound engineer he was also playing music and was part of a couple of original Rock & Roll bands. He also was part of a cover band where he use to play at night around different clubs in Caracas.

His last accomplishment as a sound engineer in Venezuela was creating the first three level sound engineer workshop program in the country. He was sponsor by the UCV (University Central of Venezuela) The biggest state university of the country. Also sponsored by Yamaha International of Venezuela and by Aula Virtual, a online branch of the UCV.  His success was unprecedented on the sound engineering field, and soon after, he had to hired other engineers to teach alongside with him.  Due to his father political career, who once ran for president of Venezuela, and his personal involvement on the government opposition to Ex President Hugo Chavez,  Manlio and his wife (at the time) Maira Loria had to flee the country to the United States of America. Were they found politically asylum.  Once in the US he co-found The Blue Turtles and recorded an album.  A fusion project were he was the drummer and sound engineer.

While in Naples, FL he played on night clubs with a cover band and after realizing that Naples was not the right place for his career but a great place to live, he stop playing for a living and move on to a different career.

Due to his experience as acustic designer of studios he decided to change careers. He created A+ Services, Inc a commercial and residential remodeling company. For seven years A+ Services, Inc was a successful business. After the real state collapsed in 2008 Manlio decide to take a year off and travel to Thailand.

There he studied Thai Language, and a different array of detox, holistic techniques of healing, meditation and buddhism.  It was in Thailand that he became truly passionate about Yoga.

Now days Manlio is a dedicated New Kadanpa Buddhism and Ashtanga Yoga practitioner.  He travel to Thailand and India almost every year for months at the time and designed the Yoga jewelry & accessories line of Nirvana Jewel himself. He co-design many of others lines of jewelry in the company. In 2014 he expanded Nirvana Jewel to two branches Los Angeles & San Francisco. He live in the city of San Francisco most of the year and when he is not there he is working on new ideas and designs, studying different types of holistic techniques of detox and massage,as well as practicing Yoga and Buddhism in Thailand and India.

He’s is truly passionate about life, a Vegan, Buddhist / Yogi described him very well.

A conscious person and animal lover. Always seeing  the good in people and always caring for the benefit of all living beings.

You can find him at KMCSF (Kadampa Meditation Center San Francisco) every Tuesday & Wednesday night on a meditation classes, or before sunrise at Mission Ashtanga, practicing Yoga six days a week. He lives in the KMCSF Buddhist residence with other sangha practitioners including monks and nuns.

He is always reachable and takes pride in running the customer service department of Nirvana Jewel.  Although he stopped doing shows in 2015 and now works in the back end of the company,  you can find him in some of the shows, concerts and Yoga festival were nirvana works. He loves music and loves to support the branches of the business and their employees.


How does Fair Trade works?

What is Fair trade?

Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional international trade. The fair trade approach to international business and to development is based on a dialogue of transparency and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system of handcraft products and farmers produce.

Fair trade supports craftspeople in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized, or in a developing process. These producers often face steep hurdles in finding markets and customers for their goods. Specially at a wholesale level.

In the field of handcrafted products it has become very common for the artist to develop a close relationship with the buyer (us). Due to the type of products often the buyer (us) travels to the country of origin and collaborates in many aspects with the artisans, creating much more than just a business relationship (buy / sale). It creates a friendship that throughout the years becomes an indispensable bond of mutual reliance and dependency for both parties.  Where the artisan counts on the income provided from us as purchasers, and we relay on their products to maintain our business.

Therefore we become equal and the business become amicable and responsible, always amin to do the best we both parties can do for the benefit of all.

In order to benefit the artisans as much as possible and increase our business resources, we focus our sales prices at the lowest point possible to sale the most amount of products possible.  The more we sale, the more money and support the artisan gets. Therefore our approach to the  retail business is sailing at the lowest possible price the best quality products in order to generate the highest revenue.  This allows the artisans the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Fair trade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their every day shopping. Normally Fair trade products are of better price, quality and a unique designs.

Manlio Corradi

Sweatshops! What is that about?

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to travel to Asia that I discovered the cruel reality that hides behind many large and medium-sized businesses around the globe.

What is a sweatshop?

A shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions of environment and personal treatment.  

Also, a sweatshop can be described as a small factory or shop in which employees are poorly paid and work under adverse conditions.

Sweatshops were especially common in the garment industry during the early twentieth century.

Almost incredibly, now days a century later with all the awareness and social consciousness, many business of large and medium size continue the practices of taking advantage of  unfortunate people to do labor for what is literarily cents on the Dollar/ Euro/ Pound/ Yen, etc.

It is important to know that not only big companies are using sweatshops. Medium-sizes companies are also trying to cut expenses to become bigger and more profitable in a short period of time.

Which are the most common countries where sweatshops can be found?








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About our BLOG!


Welcome to Nirvana Jewel’s Blog.

We are happy to bring you an informative blog that will bring knowledge and raise issues of awareness in matters of fair trade, handmade jewelry, bags and Yoga accessories.  Also, we are creating content regarding the entrepreneur  artisan in the US, job opportunities through self employment working as a fair trade event retailer in the US and wholesale opportunities.  We’ll also will add some issues of social awareness and health.

Fair trade is a very important and effective method to raise a better living for artisans in undeveloped countries. It’s a great way to bring fair prices and unique pieces to the consumer in the country where the products are been sold. And an opportunity for the consumer to support our global society by supporting the fair trade business model and helping the artisans.  We can all be part of a positive impact in the world one purchase at the time.

The Fair Trade business model positively impact all parties involve in it.  From the source to the final consumer.  The artist gets paid by the piece they make, and the price the ask for it with no bargain. The buyer (we Nirvana Jewel) cuts out the middle from the typical importing business model by we dealing directly with the artisans.

Fair trade is the best business model there is when it comes down to profit, quality, uniqueness and consciousness for all parties (artist, retailer & consumer).

Please support fair trade. When looking for a gift, make it unique and meaningful. Search online a fair trade stores near you and shop there. Shop a street fairs, farmers markets and small mom and pops store near you.  The fair trade model is also apply in the agriculture field, were it has been proven to be very beneficial to the farmers of many countries.  By eliminating or at least decreasing you consumption in big chains  you create a positive impact in your local economy, support your neighbors, entrepreneurs mind like people, artist and local businesses in general.  A little effort soon become an conscious identity of the self and soon enough a roll model to fallow by friends and family.

Shop fair trade. Fair trade is the only way!


Thank you,

Manlio Corradi,

Founder and Designer